Surrey & Borders Partnership United Kingdom

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Mrs Gillian Hill
Transformation Lead 

Telehealth Solutions United Kingdom

About Telehealth Solutions Ltd


Telehealth Solutions, founded in 2006, is a pioneering telehealth company with high-quality, low-cost systems available for use in homes, GP surgeries and pharmacies. Telehealth Solutions has a simple mission: to design and deploy patient-focused solutions that can assist in the improvement of patients’ health whilst at the same time reducing the cost of health delivery.


Our fully-integrated solution significantly improves caseload management by combining technologies with best clinical practice.


Our easy-to-use HomePod empowers patients through self-monitoring and education to enhance their health and well-being. Our team of clinical nurse specialists provide the expertise and knowledge to support patients in improving outcomes. Through reviewing clinical data and using telephone triage, nurse specialists support clinicians in cost-effective management of patients using local care pathways. Our products and services complement the skill sets of clinicians who work in partnership with our nurse specialist teams to agree patient –specific management plans.


Our company is renowned for its flexibility and forward-thinking technology and our staff for their dedication and commitment to providing the highest levels of customer service. We are a growing company with partners in the NHS and private sectors both in the UK and overseas.

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Hannah Lowish
Mr seamus flood

Tunstall Healthcare (UK) Ltd United Kingdom

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Mr Vikram Bhakar
Senior Health and Social Care Account Manager 
Mr Vikram Bhakar
Health and Social Care Consultant 

Ubifrance United Kingdom

Mr Charles Velluet
Trade Development Adviser 
Miss Katie Docwra
Trade Development Adviser 

UK Trade & Investment South East United Kingdom

UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) works with UK-based businesses to ensure their success in international markets, and encourage the best overseas companies to look to the UK as their global partner of choice.  

In atttending this event, we offer sellers an opportunity to explore exporting to new overseas markets. We have dedicated Market Experts available to outline the opportunity in the Nordics, Spain and The Netherlands - see below.

We offer new and experienced exporters tailored, impartial and expert advice on winning business overseas. We combine the skills of our private sector, International Trade Advisers with the national resources of the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Moreover, our global network of UK trade development officers, based in British Embassies, Consulates and High Commissions, ensures you can tap into an unrivalled depth of contacts, business knowledge and expertise.

Meet UK Trade & Investment Market Experts at the event

The Nordics, Spain and the Netherlands have interest in Assistive Technology/Rehabilitation and will be available for one-to-one meetings.
Find out how your business can profit in these markets by attending a free one-to-one meeting with our visiting Market Experts from Spain, The Netherlands and Denmark who will be covering the Nordic regions.

Benefits of attending a meeting include:

  • An overview of business opportunities
  • Useful cultural tips
  • Access to relevant business contacts / websites
  • Answers to your specific questions face-to-face.

Market Experts are a valuable part of UK Trade & Investment’s overseas network. With sound current knowledge and experience of their local markets, they have access to up-to-date business opportunities and can provide tailored advice for you and your business.

Please schedule your meeting directly with the Market Expert for the country/countries you are interested in learning about:

Victor Malecki – The Nordics 
Felisa Lazaro – Spain 
Michiel Hendrickx   – Netherlands 

For more information contact us on: 08452 789 600

Email: or visit our

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Ms Kandy Jones
Overseas Events Team Leader 
Mr Victor Malecki
Market Expert for The Nordics 
Felisa Lazaro
Market Expert for Spain 
Mr Les Plant
Sector Specialist for Healthcare 
Carol Knights
Mr Michiel Hendrickx
Market Expert for The Netherlands 
Mr Angus Murray
International Trade Adviser 

UKTI France / Innovalink United Kingdom

UKTI in France & Innovalink Consulting have developed a SIG on Service Robotics between France & England in order to establish a critical mass of key stakeholders. One of the objectives of our project is to identify business opportunities in the UK on behalf of Innovative French SMEs who have developed robotic technologies with applications in the Telehealth/Telecare industry.

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Ms Laetitia Regnault

WalkSteady Ltd United Kingdom

WalkSteady’s objective is to provide an inexpensive sensor controlled braking system for rollators, suitable for installation on existing and new models. The WalkSteady system incorporates both balance and attitude sensing, and provides an effective braking system which is normally ON. This will minimise falls, improve rehabilitation by promoting upright balanced walking, and make users more independent and confident both inside and outside their homes.  

WalkSteady has already been granted a UK Trademark (no. 2448173), covering use of the brand across all wheeled vehicles. This is in anticipation of a possible product extension to manual wheelchairs, where there is also a pressing need for a cost-effective solution: carers are often of similar age to the user, and may have their own health problems, yet have to manage a wheelchair on a slope, which is difficult for the fittest of people. 

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Miss Rosie Pocock
Miss Rosie Pocock

Welbeing (Wealden and Eastbourne Lifeline) United Kingdom

A leading provider of telecare and assistive technology solutions

Welbeing is a one of the fastest growing telecare organisations in the UK providing telecare and telehealth services to organisations who deliver care and support to vulnerable people.

We offer high quality, fully integrated managed services including monitoring and installation, which are strictly audited by the Telecare Services Association and work closely with our clients to develop innovative, cost effective solutions to meet their specific requirements.

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Ms Alex Page
Ms Alex Page
Business Development Manager 

Whzan United Kingdom

Let the latest in technology provide you with the market leading cost advantage in telehealth. Whzan is the most budget-friendly telehealth service on the market. No more installation bottle-necks, patients can walk out of the surgery with the Whzan health monitoring service literally under their arm.

Whzan Telehealth can be used for monitoring many well-known chronic conditions as well as short term patient groups, such as post-operative patients and pregnant mothers-to-be. 

Using Android Smartphone technology, Whzan is a completely portable service. Features include help videos, well-being questionnaires, GPS tracking, no installation fees, communication with existing medical devices, audible & visual patient reminders and alerts, multi-language selection, viewable graph for historical trends.

Keith Chessell - Whzan CEO

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Mr Keith  Chessell
Mr Keith Chessell