New Level Health Ltd United Kingdom

New Level Health  Ltd is part of the New Level Group which provides services, solutions and professional consultancy operating in the public and private sectors, both in the UK and internationally. With a principle focus to work with service providers to improve the management of care and health on a large scale in line with the DALLAS vision. 

At this event we will introduce   next generation wrist worn Telehealthcare monitoring solutions complete with a cloud portal for service providers. 

The CareWatch is a form of wearable computing  capable of :- 

1) Mobile emergency alarm system with two way communication and positioning 

2) Falls alarm system and carer call system

3) Vital sign measurement and mobile data transmission 

4) Medication management support 

5) IVD device solutions with mobile data transmission

6) One touch call communications 

This open interoperable technology is an enabler for both the service provider and users to better manage health and wellbeing .  

We bring together  experience in the strategic design and delivery of integration for disparate technology based solutions and associated workflow in the increasingly complex worlds of Telehealth and Telecare. 

Seller Business Category
Mr Andy Morley

NHS United Kingdom

Dr Beverly Castleton
Consultant Physician 

NHS Kent and Medway United Kingdom

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Miss Amanda Rimington
Lead Commissioner AAT 

NRS Healthcare United Kingdom

The largest providers of community equipment services in the UK now partnering with a number of well established organisations to offer a national telecare solution for funded and unfunded users.

Produce a catalogue annually containing over 2500 aids for daily living including a large range of Stand-Alone telecare products. Premier supplier to care homes and hospitals as well as dealerships for supply to the end user.

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Mr Andrew Delany
Business Development Manager