BES Healthcare United Kingdom

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Ms Shirley McKenna
Area Manager 

Big Media United Kingdom

Big Media is a web software company that specialises in turning websites into ones that look good on ANY platform through the application of their Chameleon software – one site, one URL any device.

In the context of using information and communication technologies to Liberate the Individual to Live Independently, it is seen as vital that internet experiences are not hampered and restricted to computers.

With successful deployments of Chameleon services in the Olympic Lodge Hotel bedrooms (hybrid internet and broadcast TV) and with the National Spinal Injuries Centre (multiplatform support information "channel"), Big Media demonstrates a firm understanding and ability to help organisations reach their audiences WITHOUT restricting access to PCs and laptops.

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Mr Malcolm Stewart
Mr Malcolm Stewart
Ms Paula Taylor

Birim Information Technologies Co. Turkey

Company background

Founded in 1991 and headquartered in İzmir, Birim Bilgi Teknolojileri is the leading medical informatics company in Turkey.  Birim has 3 regional headquarters with around 2000 employees.

Having merged with Vestel in 2006, Birim aims to become the regional leader in digital medical applications. Birim’s global development approach is focused on leveraging the national experience we have acquired in strategically important markets worldwide. 

In the Technology Fast 500 EMEA 2008 survey carried out by Deloitte, Birim was ranked in the ‘Fast’ category, endorsing Birim's success as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the last five years based on year 2008 and year 2009 results. Having carried its national success into the international arena, Birim was honoured to be ranked 151, and one of 20 Turkish companies in the Fast500 list covering Europe, Middle East and Africa regions.

Birim was the main contractor to the Turkish Ministry of Health to provide a National Health Information System for Turkey, which operates in 100 hospitals in Turkey. Birim has a unique reference and know how which is also globally applicable.

The first digital hospital implementation was done by Birim in the Kayseri Research and Training Hospital (the biggest hospital in Turkey in Kayseri/ Turkey in cooperation with Intel & Cisco) which continues to receive IT support services from this team. 

Partnering Needs
Birim’s expertise in Healthcare Informatics and Electronic Health Record systems is now being applied to homecare informatics.

In addition to being a member of the EU JADE project with its focus on healthy ageing, Birim is now seeking new partnerships and services for Homecare, m-health and telehealth projects in Turkey, Europe and Middle East with a view to leveraging collective current connections and know-how. 

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Mr Baris Dinler

Broomwell Healthwatch United Kingdom

Broomwell Healthwatch provides cardiology diagnostic support to GP practices, enabling diagnostic tests to be undertaken in primary care and thereby enhancing patient care and reducing uneccesary referrals.


We interpret ECGs and arrhythmia tests (holters and event recorders) for GP practices. We also provide devices to undertake these tests in primary care.


Tests are sent by phone, email or fax to our 24/7 tele-cardiology centre from practices across the UK and are interpreted immediately/rapidly by expert cardiology clinicians. 


A report is then sent back to the practice by secure email or fax and is easily integrated into the electronic patient record.


Consultant cardiologists set and monitor standards of clinical governance at the centre. The centre has successfully interpreted over 235,000 ECGs and arrhythmia tests for GP practices across the country enabling GPs to diagnose patients without referring them on to secondary care.


The resultant speeding up of the diagnosis of patients and reduction in costs and inconvenience have led to the service being commissioned by over 40 CCGs and PCTs.

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Mr Michael Rowe

Bucks County Council United Kingdom

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Mr Adam Willison
Assistive Technology Commissioner 

Bucks New University United Kingdom

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Ms Crystal Oldman
Dean of Enterprise and Business Management 
Sue Wale
Enterprise Administrator