Broomwell Healthwatch United Kingdom

Broomwell Healthwatch provides cardiology diagnostic support to GP practices, enabling diagnostic tests to be undertaken in primary care and thereby enhancing patient care and reducing uneccesary referrals.


We interpret ECGs and arrhythmia tests (holters and event recorders) for GP practices. We also provide devices to undertake these tests in primary care.


Tests are sent by phone, email or fax to our 24/7 tele-cardiology centre from practices across the UK and are interpreted immediately/rapidly by expert cardiology clinicians. 


A report is then sent back to the practice by secure email or fax and is easily integrated into the electronic patient record.


Consultant cardiologists set and monitor standards of clinical governance at the centre. The centre has successfully interpreted over 235,000 ECGs and arrhythmia tests for GP practices across the country enabling GPs to diagnose patients without referring them on to secondary care.


The resultant speeding up of the diagnosis of patients and reduction in costs and inconvenience have led to the service being commissioned by over 40 CCGs and PCTs.

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