MariMils Oy Finland

ELSI Safety Floor creates a sense of security for the elderly and the care staff

MariMils from Finland has developed the ELSI Smart Floor system which relies on intelligent sensor technology. It improves care quality and supports independent living and getting around for the elderly. The ELSI Smart Floor consists of a completely invisible sensor foil which is installed under any conventional flooring material. The foil is connected to electronic units and a software tracking the movement of individuals in the rooms, allowing proactive reactions to close calls and quick measures if accidents happen.

The ELSI Smart Floor system alerts the care staff ( and / or a family member) on their cell phone if the person leaves or enters  his or her room, gets out of bed, enters the lavatory or stays in the lavatory longer than usual.  Most importatly the system detects if a person falls on the floor, which could be due to a stroke  or weakened mobility.

The position and motion tracking system is based on capacitive measurement which can pinpoint changes in a low-intensity electric field caused by the presence of an individual - the residents do not have to wear bracelets or pendants or be able to use them.  

Real time automatic information provided by ELSI allows staff members to work proactively,  save time and spend more time providing care and company to the elderly and less time on routine rounds.

The ELSI Safety Floor is a proven technology and has been installed in over 1000 resident rooms in 25 different care homes up to date.

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Our services are used by the NHS, Social Services, Community Pharmacies and commercial healthcare companies.

We provide a range of innovative patient communication services to help improve productivity, quality and equity. These services are low cost and scalable, making it affordable to communicate with a large number of patients on a regular basis.

We design services that make it easy for patients to communicate with clinicians and healthcare providers.  Some patients may be young and very familiar with digital technology, but many will also be elderly or disadvantaged and not have access to the latest communication devices. It is important therefore, that services are tailored to meet the needs of the patients. So we provide a range of communications media including automated voice, SMS and email.  This means we are able to develop services that let patients  choose the communication medium that is right for them as well as choosing the time of day that is most convenient. For patients who do not speak English we are also able to provide messaging services in their own language.

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