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Mr Siddharth Malani

InHealthcare United Kingdom

InHealthcare, a trading division of InTechnology, is a managed telehealth service provider designed to help patients self-manage long-term conditions such as diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic heart failure and stroke and allow clinical teams to support patients in the community which can include health needs beyond long-term conditions.

Following referral from a clinician, we provide a full installation and training service for the patient, along with the appropriate monitoring device(s), telehealth gateway and Internet access where required. Results of the patient’s regular morning tests are transmitted via the telehealth hub and the NHS N3 network to our triage operation. All technical triage and clinician training is included.

We are able to provide multiple channels to capture patient data from a simple to use medically accredited telehealth hub through to simple text messaging where all data is uploaded to the same consistent open standards based (agnostic) telehealth web platform. We also provide unique services through innovative medical technologies such as early detection of AF and under nutrition and dehydration monitoring in the community through remote supervision of %body water and %body fat.

Our unique approach to telehealth has allowed our NHS partners to develop their own telehealth services which can then be commercialised and delivered to other NHS Trust. Our platform allows for clinicians to develop their own applications that address real needs in the health sector, this approach provides flexibility and confidence that solutions are being developed that focus on clinical needs rather than simply providing a box capturing patient observations

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Mr Saneth Wijayaratna

Intel-GE Care Innovations United Kingdom

Intel-GE Care Innovations™ creates technology-based solutions that give people confidence to live independently, wherever they are. But, perhaps surprisingly, we don’t start with technology. We start with the people who use our products. Care Innovations is deeply committed to these people. We’ve spent nearly 12 years living with, talking with, studying, observing, and listening to people at all levels of healthcare and independent living. And we’re including them as active participants in the solutions we deliver.

Care Innovations is a unique joint venture between Intel Corporation 
and GE. Both companies have a long history of driving innovation, solving hard problems, and creating new markets. And now we’ve combined forces—GE’s expertise in healthcare and Intel’s expertise in technology— to change the way care and solutions are delivered.

As Care Innovations, we carry forward our knowledge of the industry; insight into creating new business models for changing times; deep involvement in standards and policy setting organizations; and a strong belief that we can do better—that we must do better—at creating solutions that work for our enterprise customers and the people they serve.

In the same way that we’re committed to listening to what the ultimate consumers of our solutions need, we’re committed to truly partnering with you, our customers, to deliver solutions that will stand the test of time. We’re also committed to helping you discover the new partnerships and business models that will define your success now and in the future. We know that the current array of highly specialized, highly proprietary, highly customized—and therefore very expensive—solutions are not the answer. The industry needs to cooperate to develop standards and integration, accelerate innovation, and deliver the solutions that millions of people need to live independently wherever they are.

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Mr Ben Ramsay
Mr Ben Ramsay
Market Development Manager 

Invicta Telecare United Kingdom

Invicta Telecare is part of Circle – one of the UK’s leading providers of affordable housing.   We are the largest independent provider of Telecare services in the UK and provide a comprehensive range of support and technology services with over 105,000 connections.  Helping vulnerable people, both young and old, to live safely, happily and independently in their own homes is at the heart of everything we do. 

We work with a range of organisations and have over 150 partnerships across Housing Associations, Local Authorities and the private sector.  As well as telecare we provide  telephone call handling, lone worker cover and home protection. 

Invicta Telecare, is supporting the 3millionlives  campaign that aims to transform the lives of three million people living with long term conditions or social care needs by utilising telehealth and telecare within health and social care services. We are celebrating 26 years of service and our Managing Director is a member of the TSA Board.

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Miss Jeanette Hughes
Bid & Research Manager