Invicta Telecare United Kingdom

Invicta Telecare is part of Circle – one of the UK’s leading providers of affordable housing.   We are the largest independent provider of Telecare services in the UK and provide a comprehensive range of support and technology services with over 105,000 connections.  Helping vulnerable people, both young and old, to live safely, happily and independently in their own homes is at the heart of everything we do. 

We work with a range of organisations and have over 150 partnerships across Housing Associations, Local Authorities and the private sector.  As well as telecare we provide  telephone call handling, lone worker cover and home protection. 

Invicta Telecare, is supporting the 3millionlives  campaign that aims to transform the lives of three million people living with long term conditions or social care needs by utilising telehealth and telecare within health and social care services. We are celebrating 26 years of service and our Managing Director is a member of the TSA Board.

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Looking Local United Kingdom

Looking Local – owned by Kirklees Council – has delivered public sector services on TV and mobile for over seven years. Platform agnostic and driven to ensure universal access, Looking Local is leading the UK’s evaluation of eHealth and Telecare services on digital interactive TV, smartphones, tablets and mobile. This work focuses on helping older people to stay independent and at home for longer by managing their personal healthcare, monitoring, giving access to professionals, appointments, information and advice.

Looking Local is a strategic partner of NHS24, hospital health trusts and several CCGs and together we are working towards the availability of a range of health services on digital TV, mobile and smartphones. Widening access to health information, advice, appointment booking and local health services to people without internet access has proven time and again to deliver efficiencies.

In 2011 NHS Scotland launched a new service via Looking Local allowing patients improved access to NHS 24, NHS Inform, Care Information Scotland and Scottish Backs as well as the ability to undertake health questionnaires. The service offers real time GP appointment booking, access to local health services (dentists, doctors, opticians, pharmacies), information from the Health A-Z, seasonal health advice, news, health and wellbeing guides, as well as links to local support organisations.

In addition to our health partners (NHS Trusts, GP Commissioning Consortia, NHS Choices and Patient Opinion) Looking Local is also leading a number of telehealth and telecare programmes focusing on older people, issues of isolation, healthcare provision and service delivery efficiencies.

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Mr Tony Thompson
Mr Tony Thompson
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MariMils Oy Finland

ELSI Safety Floor creates a sense of security for the elderly and the care staff

MariMils from Finland has developed the ELSI Smart Floor system which relies on intelligent sensor technology. It improves care quality and supports independent living and getting around for the elderly. The ELSI Smart Floor consists of a completely invisible sensor foil which is installed under any conventional flooring material. The foil is connected to electronic units and a software tracking the movement of individuals in the rooms, allowing proactive reactions to close calls and quick measures if accidents happen.

The ELSI Smart Floor system alerts the care staff ( and / or a family member) on their cell phone if the person leaves or enters  his or her room, gets out of bed, enters the lavatory or stays in the lavatory longer than usual.  Most importatly the system detects if a person falls on the floor, which could be due to a stroke  or weakened mobility.

The position and motion tracking system is based on capacitive measurement which can pinpoint changes in a low-intensity electric field caused by the presence of an individual - the residents do not have to wear bracelets or pendants or be able to use them.  

Real time automatic information provided by ELSI allows staff members to work proactively,  save time and spend more time providing care and company to the elderly and less time on routine rounds.

The ELSI Safety Floor is a proven technology and has been installed in over 1000 resident rooms in 25 different care homes up to date.

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Mr Ville Makela
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Message Dynamics Ltd United Kingdom

Our services are used by the NHS, Social Services, Community Pharmacies and commercial healthcare companies.

We provide a range of innovative patient communication services to help improve productivity, quality and equity. These services are low cost and scalable, making it affordable to communicate with a large number of patients on a regular basis.

We design services that make it easy for patients to communicate with clinicians and healthcare providers.  Some patients may be young and very familiar with digital technology, but many will also be elderly or disadvantaged and not have access to the latest communication devices. It is important therefore, that services are tailored to meet the needs of the patients. So we provide a range of communications media including automated voice, SMS and email.  This means we are able to develop services that let patients  choose the communication medium that is right for them as well as choosing the time of day that is most convenient. For patients who do not speak English we are also able to provide messaging services in their own language.

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Mr Brian Hamilton

New Level Health Ltd United Kingdom

New Level Health  Ltd is part of the New Level Group which provides services, solutions and professional consultancy operating in the public and private sectors, both in the UK and internationally. With a principle focus to work with service providers to improve the management of care and health on a large scale in line with the DALLAS vision. 

At this event we will introduce   next generation wrist worn Telehealthcare monitoring solutions complete with a cloud portal for service providers. 

The CareWatch is a form of wearable computing  capable of :- 

1) Mobile emergency alarm system with two way communication and positioning 

2) Falls alarm system and carer call system

3) Vital sign measurement and mobile data transmission 

4) Medication management support 

5) IVD device solutions with mobile data transmission

6) One touch call communications 

This open interoperable technology is an enabler for both the service provider and users to better manage health and wellbeing .  

We bring together  experience in the strategic design and delivery of integration for disparate technology based solutions and associated workflow in the increasingly complex worlds of Telehealth and Telecare. 

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NHS United Kingdom

Dr Beverly Castleton
Consultant Physician 

NHS Kent and Medway United Kingdom

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NRS Healthcare United Kingdom

The largest providers of community equipment services in the UK now partnering with a number of well established organisations to offer a national telecare solution for funded and unfunded users.

Produce a catalogue annually containing over 2500 aids for daily living including a large range of Stand-Alone telecare products. Premier supplier to care homes and hospitals as well as dealerships for supply to the end user.

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Mr Andrew Delany
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O2 Health United Kingdom

O2 Health is helping health organisations find better ways to deliver healthcare. Our vision places the patient and the teams that care for them at the heart of what we do.  In partnership with providers of care and support services, we seek to affect positive change in the way care is delivered, with fresh, innovative and cost effective solutions – in the home, the community and in hospitals.

About Help at Hand, our Mobile Telecare Service

Imagine you have in your care a Mrs Smith who is 85, suffers from dementia and is prone to wondering. Often in the night she leaves her house and walks to the park where she becomes confused and needs help. Without mobile telecare, she’s alone and no one knows where she is. Carers have to search for her without any indication of where she may be. This is distressing for Mrs Smith, takes valuable time for carers, has travel cost implications and means that other patients are not receiving the care they could be. This will be a common experience for many providers.


If mobile telecare was used…


Mrs Smith calls for help using a button on a mobile pendant when she became disorientated, and thanks to GPS services, she’s located quickly and safely.


Important things to know about mobile telecare


·         It’s not just the elderly. For example, Helen Walker was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 1998 after she had an epileptic seizure.  Her main concerns were for her young child (for the full video case study click here).


·         Help can be summoned at the push of a button, inside or outside the home (as long as there is O2 network coverage).


·         It allows “safe zones” to be set for users. If a person steps out of their pre-defined safe zone at night – i.e. out of the garden – an alert is sent to the carer who can take immediate action. The time and travel savings over the period of a person’s care could quickly add up.


·         Fall-down sensors in a mobile pendent alert a carer to the problem and also where the person is, through GPS.


·         Users and carers can decide what happens in the event of an incident, through a personalised website


·         This type of technology will play an important role in redesigning health services.


What are the benefits?


·         Service users get the care they need, when they need it, without high levels of one-to-one support or the need to stay at home more than necessary.


·         Carers and family members can rest assured that their loved ones are getting the care they need and want without them being confined to a less independent life.


·      Savings to a care provider can be significant because the user can be located quickly and any need for costly follow-on care can be minimised.

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Mr Peter Kerridge
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Physiological Measurements Ltd United Kingdom

Physiological Measurements Ltd specialise in the delivery of diagnostic cardiac investigations in hospital & community settings. We are an award winning provider of Community Cardiology services in partnership with the NHS, providing innovative, high quality services framed within robust clinical pathways. Based on the success of our Community Cardiology Pathway we launched our Telehealth platform in 2012, which integrates with our existing software platform, facilitating complete integration and alignment of the patient pathway; from the patients home, across primary care, community care, secondary and tertiary care. This innovative, flexible and scalable Telehealth platform meets the needs of Commissioners, gives clinicians the information they need when they need it and empowers patients in relation to their own care, producing improved outcomes.

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), are ISO9001:2008 quality accredited and also hold ISO14001;2004 environmental accreditation. We are Connecting for Health compliant and have achieved our IGSOC statement of compliance.

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